Salon Policy

Our policy is to protect your right and  guarantee your satisfaction with the service(s) that we provided . It is not effected  to your rights under Consumer Right Act 2015.

To allow us to provide a quality service as efficiently as possible, you need to:

  1. Ask for the service which you would like to have. 

  2. Inform our staff if you are allergic to any chemicals or substances before the receiving any service.

  3. Whilst receiving any service please provide our staff with your feedback and or comments on their services so our staff can satisfy your requirements straight away.

  4. Inform the staff /salon manager immediately if you have any concern relating to the salon, the staff, or any service.

  5. Inform the staff /salon manager immediately if you have any concern that you have any infection or any other abnormal reaction or condition with respect to your nails.



Please remember, nails are jewels, not tools. Be kind to your nails and they will look beautiful for weeks after your service


  • Enhancements and gel polish manicures are guaranteed for 48 hours days  after your appointment. If you lose an enhancement or notice chips or lifting within 48 hours , please call us to schedule a free repair.

  • You must arrange an appointment to have your nails fixed within 5 days after your initial service.

  • Repairs after 7 days or for breakages, tears, and corner breaks will be charged  . 

  • Traditional polish services are not guaranteed. 

  • We will not be responsible for any breaking  or infected nails.

  • If you damage the original design a charge will apply for repairs.

  • We will charge you for the costs of any repairs or replacements that we have to carry out due to your own lack of care your nails, or the finish to your nails  (in that they are broken, chipped or start to lift).




No cash refunds will be given after you have left the salon.

As soon as you have walked out the salon door that means you have accepted and are happy with the service provided to your nails.

  • If you are not happy with your nails, please make us aware of it before you pay. We will adjust them to your satisfaction or remove any enhancements or coatings that have been applied.

  • No refund will be given because you have simply changed your mind.

  • We will re do any service at no cost to you provided that you tell us immediately after we have performed the service that you are unhappy with the quality of the work. 

  • If you are still not happy after we fixed your nails and request the refund , then you have to go through our Customer Complaint Procedure  by writing to us , state the reason of your unsatisfied  after we  redid  your nails, the photo of the evidence of the nails that were fixed by us .


We recognise the importance of service and set ourselves high standards. Should there be an occasion when we do not meet your expectations we are equally committed to dealing with any complaint in a thorough and professional manner.

What will we consider as a complaint?

We consider a complaint to be any oral or written notification of dissatisfaction about a service we have provided, offered or withheld.      

Who can make a complaint?

A complaint can be made by any client, or potential client, to whom we have provided a service, or by a representative acting lawfully on their behalf.

How can you make a complaint? 

You can make a complaint by contacting us by any of the following means:

  • In writing addressed to Citrine Spa Andover 2A Union Street, Andover SP10 1PA

  • By e-mail addressed to

  • By telephone on: 01264 360272

  • By come into the salon by appointment . Please phone us to advise when is the most convenient for you .


Acknowledging your complaint 

We will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days once we received it.

 If you have made your complaint to us orally ,we will confirm to you our understanding of this and ask you to advise us if you do not agree. 

We will ask you to fill the Complaint form with your full details . If you refuse to give us this information , we will not be able to carry on to deal with your complaint. 

Investigating your complaint

Your complaint will be investigated by a manager/ salon owner who is not directly or indirectly the subject matter of the complaint. 

In order to reach a fair conclusion we will review the relevant information available to us, which will include all records on our files along with a report from the individual to whom the complaint relates. 

We will endeavour to complete our investigation and reach a conclusion as soon as is possible. The length of time this will take will be determined by the complexity of the complaint and the extent of the investigation required. But we will try our best to resolve the complaint within 8 weeks .

Providing our final response 

Once we have completed our investigation we will write or inform   you setting out the results of this and explain our conclusion. 

If having received our final response you do not agree with some or all of our conclusions then you may contact us further, by any of the means described above, in order that we can review our investigation in light of your further comments.